School Management


What is School Management?

ERP System track business resources-cash, raw materials production capacity-and the status of business commitments: orders, purchase orders, and payroll. Now let's go to learn more about our Available Options


As the name suggest student module helps educational institutes to manage all the data regarding students at one place and with it include all details about his/her admission, general, demographic, communication, family, health, documents and all images from the period he enrolled in school till he passes out.


Automated student attendance, Computerized management of marks and grades, Timetable creation in advance, Homework assignment to students and approval, Availability of more time for students, Efficient and effective interaction with parents, Access to a forum common to students and parents, Access to own and students’ attendance & Better organization of school activities


It is too useful for parent for a lot of reasons, Such As Frequent interaction with teachers, Active participation in school activities, Reliable update on child’s attendance, progress report and fee payment., Tracking of homework assigned by teacher to their child, Prior information about school events and holidays, Regular and prompt availability of school updates through articles & discussion forums.


When you have a platform that allows for seamless communication between various stakeholders of a school such as students, staff, you administrators, and teachers it can only be good for a school. Quite often you see that more issues are arising with regards to the discipline of students. This happens mainly because there is a communication gap between teachers and students. With ET-Schools education management systems, you can easily address such a crucial area. The communication is improved significantly by way of instant emails and notifications through media.


Human resource management involves both strategic and comprehensive approaches to managing people, as well as workplace culture and environment. The role of human resources professionals is to ensure that a company’s most important asset—its human capital—is being nurtured and supported through the creation and management of programs, policies, and procedures, and by fostering a positive work environment through effective employee-employer relations.

Genral Ledger

A general ledger (GL) is a set of numbered accounts a business uses to keep track of its financial transactions and to prepare financial reports. Each account is a unique record summarizing each type of asset, liability, equity, revenue and expense.

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