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What is Augmented Reality?

An enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device (such as a smartphone camera). Now let's go to learn more about our Available Options

Image Targets

Image Targets represent images that our solution can detect and track. Unlike traditional fiducial markers, data matrix codes, and QR codes, Image Targets do not need special black and white regions or codes to be recognized. The Engine detects and tracks the features that are naturally found in the image itself by comparing these natural features against a known target resource database. Once the Image Target is detected, Vuforia Engine will track the image as long as it is at least partially in the camera’s field of view.

Objects Recognition

Object Recognition allows you to detect and track intricate 3D objects. It has been designed to work with toys (such as action figures and vehicles) and other consumer products. Object Recognition can be used to build rich and interactive experiences with 3D objects. These experiences could be augmenting a toy with 3D content in order to bring it to life, overlaying a user manual on top of a consumer electronics device or leading a new employee through an interactive training process for a workplace device.

Markerless AR

Denote an Augmented Reality solution that does not need any pre-knowledge of a user’s environment to overlay 3D content into a scene and hold it to a fixed point in space. Which be used effictively in the furniture industry

Cylinder Targets

Cylinder Targets enable you to detect and track images rolled into cylindrical and conical shapes. They also support the detection and tracking of images on the flat top and bottom faces of the Cylinder Target. it can be used to recognize and track product packaging that are cylindrical or conical in shape. Soda cans, coffee cups, mugs and beverage bottles are good examples.

Augmented Reality Geo-Locations

Geo-location based AR refers to augmented reality features that are anchored on real-time location. Digital data is virtually placed over actual physical surroundings, allowing users to access it using AR ready devices such as smartphones. As of now all smartphones already come with location detection capabilities

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